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Dell LED Laptop Screen Replacment And Brightness Controls / Power Management / Power Saving

Dell LED laptop screen replacement: brightness controls After replacing the LED screen in your DELL laptop, you may find the brightness controls no longer function. Pressing the brightness up and brightness down on the keyboard has no affect on the display brightness. You may also find that when running on battery power the display is not dimmed; therefore the battery life whilst not using the mains power will be considerably shortened. The problem in detail You’re not alone this problem Is being reported everywhere,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&cad=b Solutions You can try updating the following:Update your DELL Graphics Drivers at DELL SupportUpdate the DELL System BIOS at DELL Support Install the Latest Dell QuickSet: Win7 32-bit Win7 64-bit If this solution does not work for you, try the neat Freeware stand-alone brightness control called Desktop Lighter It runs unnoticed in the system tray, uses only 1.5mb RAM, launches with Windows and uses Ctrl+> and Ctrl+< keys to control the brightness rather than the Fn keys. Systems affected: 17.3" DELL systems including the DELL 17, XPS 17, Studio 17, 1700 series, 1731, 1740, 1749 and other models that are fitted with HD resolution 17.3 inch LED screens.