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Samsung Designs Bendable Smartphone Displays

Bendable Smartphone displays At a reccent analyst day, (held in South Korea,) Samsung announced plans to design bendable Smartphone displays. The corporation presented a prototype (pictured below,) and stated that it expects these phones to be available for purchase next year. Bendable... [More]

Laptop Screen Jewellery

Technology you can wear  There's no doubt that, in today's world, man's relationship with technology has become increasingly intimate and involved. But, jewelllery crafted by a new designer in Brighton has served to make that relationship closer still: now, rather than just usin... [More]

What Will the Computers of the Future Look Like?

What can we expect from the computers of the future?  What will the computers of the future look like? Recent reports suggest that tablets will outsell traditional laptops by 2015, but, various commentators have suggested that classic computer designs are efficient, effective and, thus, here t... [More]

New Macbook Pro Set for Release in September?

New Apple Macbook to be released soon? Reports suggest that the new Apple laptop, the Macbook Pro Retina Display, will be released for sale in September. Though mere speculation at this juncture, reports also suggest that the release of the Macbook Pro will occur in tandem with the release of the i... [More]

New Apple Patent Reveals Hybrid Laptop

Are Apple developing a hybrid laptop? Recently, a new patent by Apple has appeared on the internet which provides details of a hybrid machine, part laptop, part touch-screen tablet. Drawings indicate that the touch screen, (as in other present hybrid machines,) would be detachable, drawing its char... [More]