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How To Replace a Laptop Screen - 6 Min Tutorial Video

Replacing a laptop screen 

 Replacing your damaged laptop screen is actually a far easier process than you may imagine. Laptop screens come in various forms such as LED technology and LCD (CCFL) technology, however the fitting principle is almost always the same.

No special tools are required for this job, in fact the vast majority of the time all you need is a small philips head screwdriver and a sharp knife. There is no wiring, soldering or any other kind of technical work required.

Replacing your laptop screen: a step by step guide

The advanced Stuff (still easy)

The laptop screen is usually fitted into a frame on the left and right hand sides of the screen. This frame is connected to hinges that are most often fitted to the base of the laptop. As the laptop screen is fixed into the frame it then pivots backwards and forwards (the opening and closing of the lid action). The final step is to fit the signal cable (and on older screens also an Inverter cable) and fit the front and back lid plastics to the screen and frame.

There is usually only one cable that plugs into a connector on the back of the laptop screen. This is known as the signal cable, LCD cable or VGA cable. It comes out of the base of the laptop and is usually a flat grey cable. Older screens may also have one or two plugs coming out of the bottom of the laptop screen itself that attach to a power inverter that sits under the screen. The power inverter merely acts as a transformer to power the backlight that is fitted inside the screen. Newer screens use LED backlighting and don´t require this power inverter. 

Our video tutorial on screen replacement

If all this sounds a little daunting, don´t worry, sit back, relax and the following tutorial will explain everything. 

Buying your replacement screen: finding a trustworthy supplier

Replacement Laptop Screens provide excellent value brand new laptop screens with fast shipping. They will also offer you technical screen fitting advice along with free telephone support if you get stuck.

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