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Replacing the Screen In An Acer Aspire One and Acer Aspire One Bezel Removal

Replacing the screen in your Acer Aspire One laptop

We recommend you start by watching the generic screen replacement video here Then apply these specific instructions below to your particular model of machine.

The Acer Aspire One series are a fabulous range of laptops offering incredible value for money. Replacing the Laptop Screen LCD panel inside the machine can at first glance look like a daunting task. Don´t worry, it isn´t and we will show you in just a few easy steps how you can professionally replace the laptop screen in this range of laptops. We recommend a professional supplier of screens for the acer aspire range that you should liase with prior to this instruction.

Replacing the screen in an Acer Aspire One

Step by step instructions:

1) First and foremost, you must always remove the battery and the mains power before attempting any laptop repair. Screens can carry a high voltage so this is important.

2) Identify the screen hold covers, there are six of them around the laptop screen bezel (the bezel is the plastic frame around the laptop screen). Remove these rubber or plastic covers with a sharp knife and keep them safely.

3) Once removed, you will need to unscrew the screws that sit behind the plastic covers. Using a small philips head screwdriver firmly turn the screws counter clockwise to remove them. Also keep them safely.

4) Once removed you should be able to place your fingers, upside down on the screen glass, and using your nails gently life the bezel away from the back lid plastics. It will unsnap or pop out of place. You may think it is still fixed somewhere but once the six screws are removed it will come away with a gentle but firm lifting action. Do not bend the bezel at any point as this may snap it. Once removed you will notice 4 screws in each corner of the screen holding it into the frame which is attached to the back lid plastic.

5) Once these screws are removed, unplug the lead for the webcam above the screen. The white plug will pull away from the webcam circuitry with a gentle force.

6) The screen will now fall away from the laptop lid and you will notice one cable left in the rear of the display. This is the signal cable, responsible for communicating the image from the base of the laptop to the screen. This connector will simply pull off downwards as in the presentation below.

7) The laptop screen is now free and will come away from the laptop in one motion. All you need to do now is reverse these instructions to install the replacement laptop screen.


Video Guide    

A useful video guide is also available online at the following YouTube URL

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