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Advent Verona Series: Laptop Screen Removal And Replacement

Removing and replacing an Advent Verona laptop screen

The Advent Verona series of laptops employ a new method of design whereby the bottom part of the lid (with the screen), is sat slightly behind the base of the laptop. Because of this, removing the screen bezel (the plastic LCD surround or frame) can seem an impossibility.

Changing an Advent Verona laptop screen

The Basics

Before attempting to change any laptop screen, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic procedure that applies to all laptops. Once you understand the basics of laptop screen replacement, we can explain the additional steps you will need to understand to replace the laptop screen on your Advent Verona series laptop.

The basics of laptop screen replacement are described here in our FREE 6 minute laptop screen replacement video.

Specifics for the Advent Verona

Once you understand the screen replacement process you will need to understand how to remove the screen bezel or plastic frame around the LCD so that you can remove the screen from inside the lid of the laptop. With the Advent Verona series of laptop this process involves the additional step of removing the lid from the base of the laptop by unscrewing the hinges from the underside or base. Once the lid is removed, you will then be able to access the screw holes at the base of the screen and thus remove the bezel.

1. Close the lid, remove the battery and remove all the screws from the underside that are below the lid.

2. Above the keyboard is a strip with the power button and lights, remove the screws from the base that are directly under that and then this strip will come off, usually sliding left or right first then lifting off - revealing the hinges.

3. Unscrew the hinges from the base and the lid comes off the base – now you can work on the lid without the hindrance of it being obscured by the rest of the laptop and the procedure from here is as per the video.

Above instructions apply to:

Advent Verona Series 13.3" LED Laptop Screen Replacement.

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