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Cleaning A Laptop Screen - Best Practice

Cleaning a laptop screen: best practice

Laptops are, by their very nature, portable possessions and are used in a variety of places and contexts-thus, one of the main issues many encounter is the problem of keeping them clean. Focus in this respect most obviously rests on the laptop screen which bears the brunt of the aforementioned wear and tear. To counter such a problem people often look for particular methods of cleaning the screen. 

Cleaning your screen: a step by step guide

Step 1

Buy a bottle of Brasso Gadgetcare solution, a product often used to clean electronic devices, (eg. TV’s, Ipads, etc.) Also included in the kit with the solution is a small microfiber cloth which can be used to help prevent scratching.  We recommend the Brasso Gadgetcare solution above similar products on the market as it is made using a patented anti-static technology which prevents dust and dirt settling on your screen. Brasso Gadgetcare leaves a thin film of silicone on your screen which has the effect of repelling dirt particles and thus ensures extended periods of cleanliness.

Step 2 

Place your laptop on a sturdy surface, keeping the screen as horizontal as possible to ensure easy accessibility for cleaning. Dot the surface of your screen with several drops of Brasso Gadgetcare solution. Since the solution has a gel like consistency, the drops will hold in their original place rather than running like a liquid and causing damage to the inner workings of the screen.

Step 3

Then, with the microfiber cloth wipe the surface of the screen so that the gel dots are equally spread out. Rub briskly, but lightly, avoiding placing undue pressure on the screen. As soon as the dots are spread, they will dry and disappear, forming a thin silicone glaze upon your screen, (as mentioned earlier.)


These are the only steps required. It takes but a few minutes to clean your screen and the results are effective and long lasting.  Cleaning your screen in this manner may even make it look better than when you originally bought the laptop (remember-dirt and dust particles settle on products in showrooms,) and it will no doubt improve the clarity and quality of your viewing experience.  

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