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Laptop Screen Privacy Filters: Convert GLOSS Screen to MATTE

Laptop Screen Privacy Filters

(Which also changes the laptop screen from glossy to a matte finish)

Fed up with your glossy laptop screen when you need to work outdoors or under bright lights? It maybe that your replacement lcd screen is now only available to purchase with the a glossy finish or your laptop was originally purchased with a glossy screen. The Privacy Screens are fairly new on the market and it is a new idea for laptops and also for monitors. They are widely called laptop screen protectors / privacy filters. These are made of a film that is placed over the laptop screens that helps protect the screen from breakage and scratches as well as providing a matte finish on the screen which is excellent for working in bright conditions; for example the garden or park in the summer. It is also useful when working under bright lights at home or in the office as it will cut down the glare and reflections.

There are other uses also for this filter because the plastic material is made from an anti glare plastic which helps reduce the strain on the eyes. This is particularly useful if the user is to spend any length of time in front of the laptop, and suffers from eye strain and or tiredness. 

The laptop screen protector is also hailed as a privacy filter, so if you are using your laptop, for example, on train, the information on your laptop screen is not visible to the people around you. You are able to work with complete confidence that the person sitting next to you cannot see your screen as the viewing angles are minimized. So you can see the screen but the person sitting next to you can only see a black screen!

Finding a privacy filter

What's available on the market?

There are several different filters available on the market. One is a thin flimsy film and one is manufactured with a more rigid plastic. They are all pretty durable. They are washable and re usable so this makes them very  versatile. Depending on the filter purchased, and the way it is used, the laptop screen protector can last anywhere from a few weeks to two years or even longer. The filters are light and fairly portable and stay on the laptop when it is closed. 

Privacy filters in detail

Advantages when used with gloss screens

The filter will not distort the data on the screen, or make the text blurred and will help to protect your screen from breaking and protect it from being scratched.  As more and more screens are only available with a gloss finish these days more and more people are opting for the filter not just for the privacy advantages, but to eliminate the glare from the screen. If you have had to purchase a glossy screen as that was the only option available to you, then this could be the answer for you to eliminate the glare from the screen. The screen will look darker with the privacy filter fitted, but the images on the laptop can be easily seen.

What sizes are the privacy filters available in?

The anti glare privacy filters are available in a range of different sizes for laptops, the most popular size is the 15.4in size privacy screen, but is also available in these sizes: 20in, 18.4in, 17.3in, 15.6in, 14.1in, 13.3in and 12.1inch screen sizes. The privacy filter comes with self adhesive tabs that stick to the bezel to hold the filter in place. The filters can be very easily removed when needed. Always make sure you are purchasing the correct size of filter for the laptop.

Where can they be used?

The privacy filter can be used in the office protecting you from other colleagues from viewing your data, or on the train, bus, coffee bar, at school, college or at the airport when working with confidential information; you do not need to put your data at risk from prying eyes anymore!

How much do they cost?

The prices vary depending on the size of the filter you need, the quality of the filter and the choice of reseller.

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