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Laptop Screen Suppliers: How to Choose a Reputable LCD Supplier

How to choose a reputable laptop screen supplier

Oh no, you have broken your laptop screen! It’s OK, stay calm, if you have a broken laptop screen there are several companies that sell replacement laptop screens and one we recommend highly. The screens are dead easy to fit; The question is where do you start looking and what should you look for?

Use Google or one of the other search engines to locate the correct screen. Choose a website that looks professional and offers comprehensive information about laptop screens.

When searching for the screen use the make and the model of the laptop, the best place to find this is on the packaging or front of the documentation for the laptop, for example toshiba satellite c660 replacement laptop screen; Do not include suffixes like "Toshiba Satellite C660-115" keep the search simple - or search for laptop lcd screens and you will find several companies selling screens. You can of course also search for the LCD model number once you've removed the screen, which might be for example LP156WH2 (TL) (AD) in the Toshiba C660. When searching for a laptop screen, the company may have listed more than one screen available for that model. If you arrived to a website from a Google search, you should always search again on the suppliers website to make sure that there are no other models of laptop screen fitted to your machine. Sony and DELL are classic companies for fitting multiple screens to their laptops, as are IBM / Lenovo.

If there are multiple screens for your laptop, this means usually you will need to know if the screen is a LED screen or a CCFL screen, sometimes mislabeled LCD (Inverter powered). LED screens are new technology and there is a transition period happening now (2011) whereby the same models of laptops can be fitted with both types.

You may on some occasions be asked to remove the screen by the supplier to establish the part number on the back of the lcd screen so the company can send you a quotation for the correct screen. Professional screen suppliers often request for particular models so that the correct replacements are send out without disappointment to the buyer.

Check the resolution of the laptop screen and compare that to the resolution stated on the suppliers website. Some companies have a video running on their website to help you remove the screen or offer technical support which should be free.

Finally you can check the position of the connector on the back of your existing screen and compare that to the information provided by the supplier. Often screens can come with connectors in different positions.

But, which company should you choose?

There are few things you need to confirm with the company before you go ahead and purchase the new screen. Here are some helpful hints and tips when ordering your new laptop screen.

Company checklist

✔ Always check the company is governed by UK and EU selling laws and has a Company Registration Number and a VAT number. Are you dealing with a real company? Find out who you are dealing with for just £1.

✔ The company registration number should be available on the website. If they have a Company registered number you are dealing with and have the backing of a reputable Limited Company that is regulated by UK and European selling laws.

✔ Does the company have a good returns policy?

✔ Will the company pick up the screen from the delivery address if they have made a despatch error and correct the error immediately?

✔ The screen has a dead pixel, will the company offer an exchange?

✔ Does the company have lots of testimonials from happy customers that had purchased from the company?

✔ Are you able to contact the company easily and ask questions if you are not sure of the screen you require?

✔ Any screen enquiry via email should be answered at least within 24 hours, or ideally within 1-3 hours of the enquiry being made.

✔ Make sure the screens being sold brand new Grade A and not a refurbished screen.

✔ What is the delivery like, will the screen be received next morning (best), or next day, or in 2-3 days? Will the screen be properly packaged?

✔ Will the company deliver to your work address if you are unable to take the delivery at home?

✔ If you change your mind about the purchase are you able to send the screen back without any stocking fees being incurred?

And finally if you speak to a laptop lcd screen company the company should sound professional, confident and have an excellent knowledge of the different lcd screens on the market today.

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