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Sony’s lenticular sheet: no need for 3D glasses


New innovations suggest that Sony Corporation has devised a way of equipping any laptop with the tools for 3D technology, without the need for the now commonplace 3D enhancing glasses. The manufacturer has developed what is called a lenticular sheet which you simply place across your screen.  

The lenticular sheet in detail

How it works

Whilst not an original development Sony’s design does incorporate some impressive new facial recognition technology. Through the use of the programme’s own software and your web cam the lenticular sheet assesses the position you are sitting in and adjusts the picture on the screen accordingly to provide an optimum viewing experience. Sitting between 30cm and 1 metre away from your screen should allow you to enjoy high quality visuals. But how does the sheet work independently of those features one so commonly associates with the 3D effect, you may ask. The answer is that lenticular sheets of the type used by Sony consist of lenses which direct the light from the pictures on the screen to your eyes. Each eye is presented with a different image, thus helping to foster the illusion of a 3D picture.

Criticisms leveled against lenticular screens  

Several complaints have been voiced about lentiular screens, most notably that they create blurry images and that prolonged viewing in awkward positions can sometimes lead to physical discomfort.

Similar products

This particular sheet was designed by Sony for the Vaio S series, but there is no conceivable reason it could not be produced to suit a range of laptop models. GlobalWave’s similar  Pic 3D technology has been manufactured to be compatible with several screen sizes, however, their product does not incorporate the facial recognition feature utilized by Sony.

How much will it cost?

Sony’s product will go on general sale to the public in October 2011 priced at £113.

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