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Ivy Book : New Ultrabooks to Offer Higher Than High Definition Displays

Ivy Bridge: New ultrabooks to offer higher than high definition displays

In the coming year Intel intend to release new laptop models equipped with Ivy bridge processors. Whilst new and current Ultrabooks, for example the Acer Aspire S3, possess 11.6-13.3 inch displays with a resolutions of 1366x768, future Ivy bridge models promise to increase display capacities to 2560x1400, equaling retina quality and greatly exceeding current Macbook air specifications of 1366x768 and 1440x900. The 1080p-HD resolution would also be perfectly suited for watching films and certain applications. This greatly increased resolution will no doubt place pressure on Apple to integrate retina displays into their current Macbook models.

Can Apple compete?

The retina display

The apple retina display (made by LG Philips) claims to offer as much detail as the human eye can process from a distance of 12 inches. In other words there can be no higher quality display that can be appreciated by the human eye.

Will Apple take legal action against other major computing companies?

Ironically enough the new ultrabooks by Samsung, Acer and Lenovo look identical to the original Macbook Air 13" model, with aluminium unibody chassis and large glass trackpads. We are wondering whether Apple will decide to take their usual route of legal action for infringement of their Californian (Chinese built) designs. The coming 18 months will be a very interesting time for laptop screens with 3D designs coming from Sony, Toshiba and LG and new ultrabook and higher resolution screens being produced by other vendors.

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