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Gorilla Glass - Thinner and Stronger Laptop LCD Display Technology

Gorilla Glass: Stronger display technology

If you have been reading the screen news recently, you'll have no doubt heard of the many new promises for brighter, crisper, higher quality laptop screen display units that are being produced for Intel's new range of Ultrabook Laptops that are going to emerge quickly starting from this year, 2012.


By the end of the current year, we believe Ultrabooks may out sell tablet devices, and probably then moving forwards out sell laptops. Why not, they're every bit as powerful as a desktop machine, and super slim and tough. The new plans for a tougher laptop extend to the LCD display manufacturers also; they are improving displays by making them thinner and stronger and with a higher scratch resistance.                                                                                                                               



They're calling the new type of glass being produced for these units, Gorilla Glass. The name says it all really :)


Gorilla Glass in detail


What is it?


Gorilla Glass is the name given to a specialist type of alkali-aluminosilicate glass (used for screens in a variety of electronic devices-eg, phones, laptops,) which is manufactured by Corning and is specifically designed to be thin, damage resistant, hardy and durable.  It is also able to produce optimum optical clarity, making it ideal for use in HD and 3D television displays. Early in the New Year Corning announced the innovation of Gorilla Glass 2.0, 20 percent thinner than the first, to enable greater touch sensitivity, whilst simultaneously maintaining the wear resistant qualities of its original counterpart.


How is it made?


The glass is produced by being placed in a bath of molten potassium salt. During this process, sodium ions leave the glass to be replaced with larger potassium ions derived from the salt. The larger ions possess a greater surface area and they are duly pressed together when the glass cools. Such compression helps create a material with a greater resistance to everyday use.  As with all glass derivatives, the product is capable of being recycled. 



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