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Poor resolution displays addressed

Ultrabooks have afforded a new dimension of portability, style, functionality and design to the computing market.  However, the quality of such products has, in the past, often been undermined by the use of poor resolution screens.

The details

This flaw in design was first addressed by the manufacture of the Samsung Series 9 900X3B which incorporated a higher quality 13.3in PLS panel operating at a 1,600 x 900 resolution. Building on this innovation, Asus have advanced one step further announcing that future models in their Zenbook series will be equipped with 1080p IPS displays.

Asus’ decision to utilize a matt finish on such new screens will no doubt also be welcome news to those who prefer such displays to the mirror like, reflective shimmer of gloss panels.

This gradual incorporation of higher quality screens, when married with the fine function and form already possessed by Ultarbook models will likely make them, bar minor design flaws, a product of principal importance in the computing world.

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