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Apple to Discontinue Retina Displays?

Will Apple stop producing Retina screens?

Current reports suggest that Apple is preparing to release a redesigned, next generation Macbook Pro equipped with, among other things, an ultra-thin enclosure and an extended battery life. 

Aside from the Macbook, rumours are also rife about Apple’s release of an updated iMac in June of this year. This new all in one desktop model, speculations suggest, will utilize Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy bridge processors and be notably slimmer than its predecessors.

There are no indications however, that the new Macbook Pro will feature a Retina display.

Previous speculation in this respect has focused on the probability of Apple discontinuing the production of such displays. If such speculation proves correct, customers will be left with notebooks fitted with high definition 13 and 15 inch panels instead.

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