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IPS Displays With 120HZ 3D Technology on the Horizon?

IPS dislays with 120hz 3D technology 

Some believe an IPS screen with 120 Hz refresh would be the ultimate in display technology. So why, some ask, do such displays not exist? Before attempting to answer this question, let’s pause to identify just what is meant by the terms IPS and 120 Hz refresh. The term IPS refers to a specific kind of LCD screen technology, namely, In-Plane switching which is capable of generating highly effective viewing angles and greater colour accuracy. Displays with high refresh rates exist to complement current 3D technology.-Since, in the case of 3D vision, each eye must be shown multiple frames from a different viewing angle, the ordinary frame rate of a standard display, (60 Hz,) must be doubled to 120 Hz. This, in essence, is 120 Hz refresh. The benefits of a 120 Hz display are evidenced in increased fluidity, from the movement of the mouse pointer to the manipulation of windows on the desktop.

IPS screens with 120hz 3D technology

The details 

To this date, however, 120 Hz displays have been realized in chapter, TN panels, incapable of replicating the higher quality of 120 Hz displays. Recently though, rumours have abounded that panels capable of supporting 120 Hz were distributed by a Korean vendor for £200. However, equally unsettling failure rates have been reported concerning these displays, with others suggesting that the displays are of average quality.

So, whilst an IPS display with 120 Hz is evidently possible, it may take a great deal more consumer demand for such panels to become readily available on the mass market. 

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