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How to Protect your Laptop Screen From Damage in Transit, Whilst Travelling and on the Move.

Protecting your laptop screen on the move, when travelling or, during holidays

As a student, whether of college or university, you no doubt complete and carry a lot of your work on your laptop. As portable possessions, laptops have their perks: they allow you to study or work anywhere, from the coffee house to the park. But, their portability can make them susceptible to all sorts of damage, from knocks on your travels to liquid spills. Below, we list just some tips designed to lessen the likelihood of such damage, thus ensuring your personal PC is adequately protected.

Protecting your laptop whilst on the move

Hints and tips

To prevent your laptop being crushed by other bag contents, you could perhaps consider buying a plastic c­­­­ase that snaps snugly around its outside. The iglaze, a case designed to fit the Macbook Air is one of several such products available on the market: Alternatively, you could customize your laptop with a decal (a plastic cover that sticks to the top available in a variety of styles, colours and designs,) such as the sort available at Gelaskins, thus personalizing and protecting it from minor dinks and scratches in one go. If you are particularly fond of the personalization route, you could also try the designer series for Apple machines from KB covers. The company creates intricately designed, colourful keyboard covers, based on a number of styles and designs. More specifically, for those students studying film or sound design, KB covers also offer keyboard covers which list handy shortcuts to relevant applications, such as Photoshop and Pro tools. Or, more simply, a small investment in cleaning supplies will help keep your laptop trim: a can of compressed air being an effective tool for removing dirt and dust from between your keyboard keys.

Protection whilst you work: whilst protecting the exterior of your laptop is important, ensuring the data it carries is kept safe too is equally important.-Just one accidental liquid spill could wipe away months of college or university research as well as all those infinitely important essays! The best way to safeguard against this problem is to ensure that all your current work is backed up either through an online service or upon an external device, (for example, memory sticks, or larger drives.) External spills aren’t, of course though, the only things that can damage your machine’s data. Damage too can be caused by the operation of virulent viruses such as Trojan Horse. To guard against this, ensure your machine is equipped with antivirus software which is frequently updated and routinely active.

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