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Asus Delays US Shipment of Dual Screen Taichi Ultrabooks

Asus delays US shipment of its Taichi ultrabooks

Asus has delayed US shipping of its dual-screen Taichi ultrabooks, despite the fact that the models have been available to order from several prominent online retailers.

Shipment delays

The details

Taichi dual-screen ultrabooks possess an interesting design feature namely, that they have 11.6 touch screens on both sides of a hinged screen panel. Thus, when the lid is closed the touch screen on top is activated, allowing the owner to use the laptop like a standard tablet.

Though shipments of the ultrabooks were due to begin in November, a spokesperson for Asus has suggested they will likely start in December or in the new year. No definitive reasons were provided for this marked delay.

Taichi ultrabooks are being sold in two models, the Taichi 21 DH51 with a core i5 processor and the faster Taichi 21 DH71 with an Intel core i7 processor.

Online retailers have momentarily stopped taking orders for these models, listing them as either out of stock or discontinued. 

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