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Intel and Sharp Interested in IGZO Displays?

Intel and Sharp interested in IGZO screens?

Notebook screens consume a great deal of battery life, a problem exacerbated by Intel’s development of low power laptop chips which only serve to emphasize this high energy usage. To be sure, the implementation of low consumption battery chips is an effective way to improve battery life; another, however, is the use of lower power displays. Intel recognize this and are thus currently in talks with manufacturer Sharp about the possibility of supplying a new form of lower power display to be used in future Ultrabook models.

IGZO displays

Ideal for Ultrabooks?

Ultrabooks, by definition, are lightweight machines, and thus, it has been suggested that the ideal screen to use within them would be Sharp’s IGZO, (Indium gallium zinc oxide) displays, themselves thinner, (and consumers of lower levels of energy,) than standard panels. IGZO screens also possess higher pixel densities, a fact supported by the recent release of news concerning an early 13.5 inch prototype produced by Sharp, complete with a 3840x2160 resolution.

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