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Lines Blur Between Laptops and Tablets

Lines blur between laptops and tablets

Recent developments have seen the rise of hybrid machines, that is, laptops that convert into, or can also be used as, tablets. These hybrid machines possess many features held in common with the standard tablet, for example, the latest Windows 8 software, touchscreens and a long battery life. (Users have quoted 7 hours or more.)

Hybrid models evolved out of the laptop market’s need to develop products in the face of the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones.

Hybrid laptop-tablet machines currently on the market

 1.) The HP Envy X2

This machine, on first glance, looks like a laptop but can be turned into a tablet by detaching the screen.

 2.) Lenovo’s Yoga laptop

Here the screen folds, turning the machine into a tablet.



 3.) Dell’s XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook

 This machine has a screen that flips from laptop to tablet inside a dividing frame.


Hybrid laptops

Will they prove popular?

Whilst tablets have been widely accepted, hybrid machines appear to confuse and perplex, with experts suggesting that this may be due to the fact that they are not readily available in retail stores: affording consumers the opportunity to try and test them. It seems usability and price wil be the deciding factors when it comes to the enduring popularity of these innovative models. 

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