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The End of an Era? Are Consumers Turning from Traditional Laptops to Tablets?

Are consumers turning away from traditional laptops?

Figures recently released by NPD DisplaySearch indicate that more screen panels are being shipped for use in tablets than in laptops. The company suggests such figures may indicate a significant turning point in the computing industry, as consumers turn from using classic clamshell laptops to newer tablet models.

Tablets set to overtake laptops?

The details

In October the number of laptop screens shipped for use in notebooks stood at 16.9 million, whilst the number of displays shipped for use in tablets stood at 18.7 million. Compare that with figures presented earlier in the year: January saw the shipping of 14.9 million notebook panels compared with 8.9 million for use in tablet machines.

2012 has, indeed, been a significant year for the tablet, with several major online retailers stepping forward to sell affordable iPad alternatives. Could this be the start of a technological change? Has tradition been overturned by the tablet? 

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