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Are See Through Screens a Sign of the Future?

Are see through screens a sign of the future?

Earlier this year, HP was granted a patent on see through screen technology. Such screens would, strangely, as the name suggests, be see through, meaning that the machine user could view both what is on their screen and what lies behind it. To what uses could such technolgy be put?  HP has submitted some ideas: the projection of advertisement campaigns onto building windows and the playing of extensive navigation directions on car windscreens.

See though screens in detail

Could they pose privacy problems?

In some cases, worries have beem raised regarding the question of privacy. If screens are transparent, will individuals on the other side of them be able to see your personal information? HP has addressed this problem, suggesting that one’s privacy would be protected through the projection of a different image on either side of the screen.

What will they look like?

Though this patented technology is yet to be put to active use, HP has crafted several concept videos of its potential, (see the photos below.)

HP, however, isn't the only major computing business interested in see through screen technology: Samsung has also shown interest, recently releasing an early, video conceptualization of a bendable and transparent tablet. Are see through screens a sign of the future? Only time will tell.

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