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Intel Updating the Ultrabook?

Intel in the process of updating the Ultrabook

Intel, a company as powerful in the computing world as Microsoft or Apple, has the ability to shape and mould the market quietly through the development of powerful processors and effective advertising campaigns. During 2011, it offered $300 million dollars to PC manufacturers, encouraging them to create a machine that could compete with Apple’s Macbook Air. Intel dubbed the new model born of these processes the "Ultrabook," and identified it through a list of quality checks, (such as its thickness and battery life.)

Currently, Intel are working on plans to develop the Ultrabook again, stating that late 2013 will see every machine coming complete with a touch-screen.

Touch-screen Ultrabooks

The details

When questioned regarding the rationale behind the decision to update Ultrabooks, Intel’s Kirk Skaugen cited the growing appreciation of touch-screens, as highlighted by a survey conducted among 220,000 consumers. Similarly, he referred to the introduction of Windows 8, naming it as a principal reason for the change.

However it is a careful balancing act Intel must perform, ensuring manufacturers, overwhelmed by the additional costs of touch-screen technology, (when combined with additional Ultrabooks requirements,) don’t cut essential corners, whilst simultaneously protecting the Ultrabook brand so it doesn't become obsolete in the face of newly emerging technology.

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