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Asus Taichi: Tantalizing Touch-Screen Innovation?

The Asus Taichi

The Asus Taichi touch-screen machine, a hybrid of traditional and touch-screen technology, has two screens, one on the underside of the laptop lid, and another, a touch screen, on the outside of its hinged lid, which operates like a standard tablet.

But, what is it like to have two screens on a laptop? Are there any downsides to this novel attempt to merge touch-screen and traditional technology?

The double screen Asus Taichi in detail

The pros and cons

When closed, users report that the machine looks similar to other traditional laptop models. However, one problem cited, given the top screen’s use as a tablet, is the sheer number of finger marks that collect on its surface. Despite this, however, Asus’ use of a resilient make of glass seems to effectively protect the touch screen in the Taichi’s s top lid from scratches and minor dinks when out and about.

In terms of the two displays, when the lid is closed, the Asus Taichi goes automatically into tablet mode. Similarly, one function the machine is capable of is that of mirroring, wherein the information on its inside screen is relayed onto the outside one. Such a feature could prove effective for giving business presentations. For example, instead of inviting people to crowd around one machine, an audience could view the information intended to be presented on the second (outer) screen. Having said that, though, the machine's dual display mode only works with a select few software programmes such as Powerpoint. 

In terms of the displays themselves, users attest that both screens possess good viewing angles, with the outer screen being glossier than the one inside. Whilst an effective attempt to bridge the gap between touch-screen and traditional technology, several criticism have been leveled against Asus' Taichi, most notably, the fact that the inside screen is not also touch enabled. Similarly, users refer to the machine’s short battery life (product details list battery life at 5 hours whereas practical tests have returned more conservative results.) Whilst the Asus Taichi is an innovative model, you may favor an alternative hybrid machine if battery life is your major purchasing concern.

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