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Help in Choosing a Hybrid Laptop

Help choosing a hybrid laptop

What with the steady rise, and sheer number, of hybrid laptop machines, (which mix traditional computing features with touch-screen technology,) it can be hard to know which model to choose. Below, we list just some points you may wish to consider: 

Choosing a hybrid laptop

Key points to consider

1.) Whilst the weight and size of a laptop is a personal thing, and will no doubt vary from person to person, general trends seem to favour the lighter hybrid machines which are inevitably dearer.

2.) Though expensive, many hybrids contain solid state drives which generally tend to be faster and sturdier than their traditional counterparts. Whilst expensive, the added security a solid sate drive affords is a real advantage.

3.) In terms of the sensitivity of touch-screens, there are two forms of display, capacitive and resistive. Capacitive screens respond to the touch of a fingertip but are not sensitive enough to respond to other sources of input such as gloved hands or fingernails. On the other hand, resistive screens are generally more sensitive and are thus able to respond to a wider range of stimuli. That being said though, they are usually less durable than their capacitive counterparts.

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