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Brilliant Laptop Specifications on a Budget?

Great laptop specifications on a budget?

What with the increasing downturn in laptop sales, manufactures have begun producing a large number of expensive machines designed to boost their profits. How, then, can one find a model with a less frightening price tag which will is still value for money?

Generally, most advice of this nature suggests consumers buy the laptop within their budget which boasts the best overall specifications. That being said however, saving money and opting for a markedly cheaper model might not always be the best idea. For example, you may find a cheaper laptop with a smaller processor frustratingly slow.

Purchasing a laptop with a Core 15 processor will likely ensure that it will still operate at a fairly efficient speed several years after purchase. Cheaper laptops, however, tend to come with older processors which, while effective for everyday computing needs, will struggle with high end gaming demands.

In contrast, however, laptop memory and storage is often relatively inexpensive. Even a cheap machine should be equipped with sufficient memory to operate standard Windows software and the internet, whilst being capable of storing a wide range of videos, pictures and files.

Remember, too, to consider the quality of a laptop’s screen before purchasing it. In this vein, it is sometimes helpful to read reviews of the model in question which to assess the overall display quality.

Current budget laptops on the market

1.) The Toshiba L850D

This machine seems like good value for money at £340. Though it contains a fairly slow processor, it should cope effectively with day to day computing tasks. What’s more, reviewers suggest it’s able to handle Windows 8 apps without any problems.

2.) Lenovo's G580

If you’re looking for a laptop with a faster processor Lenovo’s G580 may be a better bet.


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