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Buying Laptop Screens: Where to Look for a Replacement Laptop LCD Screen

Are you looking to buy a replacement laptop screen?

If the answer is yes, then you have found the right page because we are going to show you how you can get all the information and tools that you need to remove and replace your broken laptop screen and find a replacement quickly and at a fair price.

Buying a replacement laptop screen

Everything you need to know

First of all you'll need to work out the model of your laptop, first start with the brand, for example you may have an Acer laptop or an Asus machine. Your laptop may be made by Toshiba or Sony. Once you've identified who made the laptop, start to search for the laptop's model number. A good place to start would be the receipt for your purchase of the laptop. If you can't find the receipt try looking for a user manual. Next step is to look at the laptop itself. Around the screen or around the top of the keyboard, you may see a model number listed. Failing this you may find a large sticker under the laptop which has various bits of information and usually in bold the laptop model number.

Okay, so what kind of tools do you need? You'll need a Philips head screwdriver (a very small one) and you'll need a sharp knife. We've got a video running here which shows you how to remove your old screen.

Right, so you have all the information you need, now all you need to do is find a replacement screen. Replacement screen web shops are plentiful these days, but finding a reputable supplier who knows what they are doing and also supplies good quality replacement panels is difficult. There are many Chinese scam websites these days offering replacement laptop screens.

Our recommendation is to try this reputable supplier of laptop screens. You can either enter the model into their search and press enter (recommended) or you can browse through their huge screen database, currently around 60,000 models at the time of writing. Browsing by category is also easy, although this site has over 1000 categories (!) browsing is made simple as they have broken the site up into screens for laptops, which allows you to search by laptop manufacturer, or, of you've already removed your laptop screen, you can browse by LCD part number

Finally the site also offers an advanced search which can be found by clicking on the categories menu.

These people seem to have the largest accumulation of replacement screens and technical assistance on the net, at least in Europe, anyway. Good luck with your screen replacement, don't forget to use your discount code TWEET at the checkout, and of course follow us on twitter!

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