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New Gadget Which Transforms Smartphone Into Laptop

John Andrus invents a device that turns a smartphone into a laptop 

Edmonton businessman John Andrus has invented a device called the Casetop which allows users to transform their smartphone, temporarily, into a fully operational laptop. Though still raising funds for the device’s mass production, and continuing with his job as a network administrator, Andrus is adamant that his invention will represent a new step in computing technology.

About the Casetop 

The invention in detail

Markedly smaller than a Macbook, the Casetop comes equipped with an 11.1 inch HD screen and a full size keyboard, (for those who find it difficult to navigate around a small smartphone screen.) On its front is a bar in which can be placed any model of smartphone; the mobile acting as the laptop’s information centre.The Casebook is also equipped with a 56 watt battery which charges the connected smartphone whilst the device as a whole is being used.   

Andrus' future plans

Having produced a prototype, Andrus is now attempting to raise money to have the Casetop mass produced. In a bid to raise the necessary funds, he is utilising Kick-starter, an online organisation which allows people to invest in businesses of their choosing in exchange for merchandise rather than financial shares. Should this method of fundraising prove successful, Livi Design, (Andrus’ technology firm,) will approach Chinese manufacturers.

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