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New Macbook Pro Set for Release in September?

New Apple Macbook to be released soon?

Reports suggest that the new Apple laptop, the Macbook Pro Retina Display, will be released for sale in September. Though mere speculation at this juncture, reports also suggest that the release of the Macbook Pro will occur in tandem with the release of the iPhone 6.


What can we expect from the new Macbook?

The details

The processor in the new Macbook is expected to be able to support the latest high resolution displays. (The model will be available in a choice of two screen sizes: 11 and 13 inch.) The new machine also boasts flash storage, (going from 128 GB to 512 GB,) Intel HD graphics 5000 (to improve overall performance)  and, batteries that hold their charge for considerably longer. Additionally, commentators expect Apple to release OS X Mavericks in conjunction with the new model. 

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