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What Will the Computers of the Future Look Like?

What can we expect from the computers of the future? 

What will the computers of the future look like? Recent reports suggest that tablets will outsell traditional laptops by 2015, but, various commentators have suggested that classic computer designs are efficient, effective and, thus, here to stay. What with the recent advancements that have brought us Google Glass, perhaps the computers of the future will interact, (in an increasingly intimate manner,) with their human users. 

Present inventions that point to the future

The Tobii Rex Peripheral

The Tobii Rex Peripheral, allows users to navigate around Windows 8 simply by looking at the areas of the screen they would, ordinarily, move their mouse to.


The Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller allows users to control their computers through simple gestures: to illustrate, a mere move of the fingers allows you to look through pictures and photos. 

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