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Samsung Designs Bendable Smartphone Displays

Bendable Smartphone displays

At a reccent analyst day, (held in South Korea,) Samsung announced plans to design bendable Smartphone displays. The corporation presented a prototype (pictured below,) and stated that it expects these phones to be available for purchase next year.

Bendable displays 

The details

As well as designing a new form of bendable display, Samsung also has plans to increase the quality of its current phone screens: 2015 may well see Smartphones with resolutions as high as 3840x2160. Samsung also used the day to discuss current (and future) business strategies. These discussions, (centred on the creation of bendable displays,) come a month after the corporation unveiled the Galaxy Round, (complete with curved screen, as pictured below.)

Though bendable phone displays are not a new concept, major companies such as Apple have struggled to design equally flexible inner components for such devices. In that vein, Samsung have been working on the design (and development) of sufficiently bendy batteries.

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