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Computers of the Future: Physical Interaction Blurs Line Between Fiction and Reality

Will we be able to physically interact with the computers of the future?

Advances in technology mean it might soon be possible to reach right into your computer screen and interact, physically, with the presented images. 

Recent developments in detail


inFORM enables a person to interact, in a tangible way, with 3D images. The designers behind inFORM suggest it could be of great benefit in business, improving the interaction between employees during long distance conference calls, for example.



Watch a video demonstration of the capabilities of inFORM.


Other designers have been working on similar, interactive products: Ordinarily, touch screens work according to haptic feedback. Put simply: vibrations occur when you touch the screen. however, Bristol Interactions and Graphics have designed "Ultra-Haptics" which utilizes ultrasound waves to create the necessary vibrations, removing the need to touch the screen at all.


HP and holographic video

 The computing giant HP has also been designing technology for mobile phones which will enable the user to view 3D objects on the move, somewhat akin to the holographic videos that feature prominently in science fiction films.

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