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How to Keep Your Laptop Clean

8 tips for keeping your laptop clean

Many people are surprised to learn that their laptop is home to more germs than public toilets. Most people clean their laptop screen occasionally, but never think to clean the keyboard and case, which is why so many germs live and thrive on laptops. Here are our top tips for keeping your laptop clean and safe.

How to keep your laptop clean 

1) Have a laptop cleaning schedule

You need to make cleaning your laptop a habit. If you do the job every Monday before starting work, you are far more likely not to forget or endlessly put off the task.

2) Wash your hands

Before sitting down to use your laptop take the time to wash your hands or use an antibacterial gel. This will considerably reduce the number of germs that get onto your laptop in the first place.

3) Turn away when you cough or sneeze

A significant percentage of the germs on a laptop get their when users sneeze or cough without covering their nose and mouth. Just turning away or using a tissue cuts the number of bugs that land on your laptop.

4) Blow away dirt

Use a blow spray to get the hairs and dirt out from under your keyboard. A can of compressed air is not expensive and it will last for months.

5) Use antibacterial wipes

When you clean your laptop, you need to use products that are actually designed to kill germs. Not all cleaning products kill bugs, so search out those that do. You can safely wipe most areas of your laptop over with antibacterial wipes. For the screen, you will have to use a specialist screen-cleaning product.

6) Clean touch screens every day

It is a good idea to clean your laptop screen every day. Being able to see the screen properly is important for eye health. The fact that more of us are using touchscreens means that it is even more important to keep your screen clean and free of germs. We suggest you use a good quality screen cleaner with anti-bacterial properties.

7) Clean your mouse too

If you do not use the trackpad, remember to clean your mouse. The gaps between the buttons hold a lot of germs.

8) Clean your charger and cable

Remember to wipe your charger and cable over too. They also harbour germs. When you fold up your cable to take your laptop somewhere all of the germs from the floor can potentially get on your hands via your cable. Keeping your laptop clean will only take you a few minutes, but it is time that is well spent because it will keep you and those around you safe and healthy.

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