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Anti-Glare Solutions for Your Laptop Screen

Anti-glare solutions for your laptop 

Most of us welcome the introduction of the sharper crisper images we get with today’s high-resolution screens. If you are watching a movie or doing a presentation, bright vibrant images are a real plus. However, there is a downside. Some workers find that they have to close the blinds in the office because their screens give off too much glare. In this article, we are going to consider the various solutions for this problem.

Anti-glare solutions 

Adjust your screen brightness

The fastest solution is to reduce your screen brightness. Android users can do this from their home screen. Mac users can do so using their brightness control keys and Windows users can do it via their control panels.

Adjust the angle of your screen

Simply moving your screen back a bit or forwards can sometimes solve glare issues. Moving the screen so that overhead lights are not reflected in the screen can also help.

Anti-glare screens

It is possible to buy anti-glare screens that sit in front of your laptop or PC screen. They look a bit old-fashioned, but they work and the fact that they can be clipped on and off makes them a flexible solution.

Anti-glare filters

Many people know that you can buy flexible anti-glare screen covers for mobiles, but do not realise that you can also buy them for laptop and PC screens. These transparent plastic screen covers can be applied directly to your existing screen. The better quality ones can be removed and re-applied repeatedly.

Buy the right screen

If you know you are going to use your laptop outside or in high light areas, it is wise to look for a device with a screen that is specifically designed to work in these environments. Anti-glare filters and screens help with glare, but only in a limited way, so buying the right screen is very important.

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