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Acer Show Off Their First Hybrid Laptop Tablet

Acer's first hybrid laptop tablet

Acer has entered the hybrid market by developing The Aspire Switch 10. The Switch 10 features their innovative Acer Snap Hinge, which allows the user to choose between four use modes. The hinge is magnetic, which is a completely new concept that makes transition between modes exceptionally easy.

It is anticipated that most users will use it primarily as a standalone tablet, but there is the option to dock it into the keyboard and use it as a notepad. The screen can be folded back over the keyboard or the user can opt for tent mode, which allows the user to use the keyboard as a stand for their tablet.

The first Acer hybrid screen: the details

Windows 8.1 OS

The Aspire Switch runs on an Intel Atom, Bay Trail chip. It will be available in two configurations 32GB and 64GB. Both will run Windows 8.1 so will feature touch screens.

LumiFlex Screen

This hybrid is designed to work for presentations, watching videos as well as for ordinary work and surfing. The Acer hybrid features a LumiFlex screen, which provides optimized colour control. For those who like to work or play outside this screen is a great option because users can adjust it to the light conditions.

Price Point

Pricing for the 64GB version has not yet been announced. However, the 32GB version is expected to retail for $369. Launch Date A launch date is yet to be announced, but it is expected to become available in the US during the summer of 2014. As well as releasing this innovative hybrid Acer are overhauling their Aspire E series and upgrading all of their touchpad devices to Precision Touchpad technology.

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