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How to Replace an iPhone Screen

Replacing your iPhone screen 

We understand how frustrating it can be be when you break the screen on your iPhone. Apple repairs are often taxing, complex, and, (if sent back to Apple,) eye-wateringly expensive. Though not the easiest of repairs, with the proper guidance and support, (and the right preparation,) you should be able to replace your iPhone screen yourself. 

Replacing an iPhone screen 

Step one

Firstly, before you begin your repair, you'll need to gather together a few tools. To replace your iPhone screen you'll need a number of flat edged tools, (such as debit cards or  plectrums,) an opening tool, a  Phillips #00 screwdriver and a safety pin, (or, perhaps, a tooth pick.) To begin your repair, turn off your iPhone and remove the SIM card. Next, use a flat edged tool or an opening tool to gently create a gap at the bottom of the phone, prising apart the connector port and the phone's antenna. Work your way along the bottom of the  phone, continuing to prise apart the connector and the antenna. When you have created sufficient space between the two, remove the casing protecting your iPhone's antenna. 

Step two 

Once you have removed the casing protecting your iPhone's antenna, you'll see three, small screws. Use the Phillips screwdriver mentioned above to remove each of these. Once you have set these screws aside safely, locate the small, square holes on both sides of the exposed iPhone casing. Insert an uncurled paper clip or a tooth pick into each of these holes and prise the casing away from the phone. Note: this step will likely require strength and patience. 

Step three 

Once the back casing on the phone is loose, lift it up and disconnect the headphone jack. Having removed the back casing fully, you should see a pair of white antenna cables held in place by orange adhesive. Carefully peel away the orange adhesive and disconnect both of the antenna cables. After you've done this, you'll need to locate, (and disconnect,) three further screws, (one by the iPhone camera and the other two, either side of the phone's logic board.) 

Step four 

Next, you'll need to use an opening tool to remove the camera, (and the corresponding cable,) from the phone. You'll also need to use a flat edged implement or an opening tool to remove your iPhone's battery. Once you have done this, use a flat edged tool to partly lift up your iPhone logic board. On either side of the lifted board you'll see the touch sensor and sound cables. Disconnect both of these before continuing. Next, lift the board up slightly further. You should now be able to remove both the battery and the board from the inside of the phone. Locate, (and undo,) the screws holding the front plastics, (and the bottom of the phone,) in place. Once you are sure you have removed all of the screws, you should be able to pull the front plastics away from your iPhone.


Step five 

Then, exchange the damaged iPhone screen with a newly bought replacement. To complete the repair, all you need to do is perform the above instructions in reverse.

Further help and support 

Apple repairs are rather taxing, so, don't feel deflated if you are finding it hard to follow the above instructions. Why not take a moment to browse the advice, (and pictures,) provided at the links below?

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*Disclaimer: As with any repair you choose to undertake, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during the replacement/repair process. If you feel anxious or unsure about completing this repair yourself, it is best to err on the side of caution. 

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