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What You Need to Know About Opening a Trade Account

Opening a Trade Account

Applying for a trade account at Laptop LCD Screen can be a wise move if your business will be purchasing replacement screens on a regular basis or if you run a business that repairs laptop screens.

Trade accounts

The details 

When you have set up your trade account you will benefit from discounts on every purchase. Both limited companies and sole traders can apply for a trade account, although you will need to answer some simple questions about yourself and your business. Individuals are not able to apply for trade accounts unless they are registered as a sole trader. As well as applications from the UK, businesses from the EU and Ireland are also welcome to apply for a trade account.

You can either apply for a trade account before you make a purchase, or at the checkout. You do not have to have made a purchase from the site previously before you apply for a trade account and so new customers are very welcome to apply. If you have been registered with the site for a while as an individual and have recently started your own business, then you will be able to apply for a trade account under your business name.

All applications for trade accounts are processed immediately and you will be informed via email whether your application has been successful or not. You will be informed as soon as possible regarding your account so that if you are successful you can get access to the trade prices as soon as possible.

Applying for a trade account at Laptop LCD Screen is a quick and easy process and has the potential to save your business a lot of money if you will be buying replacement screens on a regular basis. So, apply for your trade account today and you’ll never have to pay the full price for a laptop screen ever again.

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