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Our Drop Shipping Services

Why we use drop shipping services

Drop shipping, sometimes known as blind shipping, is where products are shipped in plain packaging that does not contain any business name or other promotional messages. We send all of our products using drop shipping as default. This has a number of advantages for businesses who use these products to supply to their own customers.

Drop shipping

The details 

When a business orders a replacement screen on behalf of their customers it can be shipped by Laptop LCD Screens directly to these customers without them being aware that their order has been fulfilled by another company. This means the customer can receive their order quicker as it sent straight to them, rather than being delivered to you for you to organise shipping yourselves.

Drop shipping may be of particular benefit to small businesses that do not have a need to keep large amounts of replacement screens in stock themselves. A business can take advantage of the many different screens that Laptop LCD Screens have in stock for all different makes and models of laptops, without the need to hold the stock themselves.

There are a number of ways that you can let your customers know which products are available to purchase from your business which can be fulfilled by Laptop LCD Screens. Products can be integrated into your website using which will allow your customers to see which products can be purchased and the stock levels of these products. Products can also be listed for sale on sites such as Amazon and eBay. Whenever a product is purchased from you using either of these methods it can be drop shipped directly to your customers.

As well as providing drop shipping services for your customers, Laptop LCD Screens are also able to provide technical support and this service is provided free of charge. Technical engineers can even contact your customers directly as a representative of your business and help them resolve any issues they may be having. Technical support can be one of the most difficult aspects of a replacement screen service if you do not have employees that have the specialist knowledge that is required.

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