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Flickering Dell Inspiron Screen

My Dell Inspiron screen keeps flickering 

Have you been bothered recently by a Dell Inspiron screen that continuously flickers? Below, you'll find some tips that might help solve the problem. 

Flickering Dell Inspiron Screens 

Explanations and solutions 

  • Does the problem only occur when your laptop is unplugged from the mains power? Try going to the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel and clicking on the Advanced Mode option from the list of application modes. A box should appear with a drop down menu, (titled Power Source,) at the top. From the Power Source menu, select the On Battery option. Near the bottom of the new box, you should see two further ticked options, one titled Display Refresh Rate Switching and the other titled Display Power Saving Technology. Deselect the Refresh Rate option, and, save your new settings. This should help solve the constant flickering. 

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