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Common Laptop Screen Problems

Laptop screen problems 

Oftentimes, you might find that your laptop screen starts flickering or, that it remains black when turned on. Alternatively, you might find white lines running down the front of your display. Below, you'll find a list of common laptop screen problems as well as a number of potential solutions. 

Common display problems  

  • Broken or cracked laptop screen

Solution: Laptop screens are incredibly fragile and, they can often be damaged simply by being held incorrectly. If you have recently dropped your laptop or held the screen awkwardly, it is likely that your laptop screen problem is caused by a broken or damaged display. If you suspect that this is, indeed, the case, you'll need to buy and fit an adequate replacement screen. Below, you'll find a wealth of resources that will help guide you through the laptop screen replacement process: 

  • White lines running down the screen 

Solution: white, vertical lines down the front of a laptop screen can be caused either by a faulty signal cable, (or, by a cable that is not attached properly,) or by a faulty laptop screen. To ascertain the nature of the screen problem in this instance, you'll need to carry out a few basic tests. Here, you'll find further information on how best to solve this laptop screen problem. 

  • Multicolored lines on the screen 

Solution: this laptop screen problem, again, may be caused by a faulty signal cable. To illustrate: the signal cable runs close to a hinge on your laptop lid and is often worn down by continuous use of the laptop. Alternatively, you may find that the signal cable is not connected properly. To see if this is indeed the case, you'll need to remove and inspect the back of your laptop screen. Our FREE video tutorial will help guide you through this process. If neither of these solutions work, this screen problem may be caused by a logic board fault. If this is indeed the case, you'll need to purchase a replacement screen

  • Black laptop screen

A laptop screen that stays dark when your machine is turned on is often caused by a broken graphics controller, (a piece of electronics that attaches to the motherboard,) a fault signal cable or a faulty laptop screen. To ascertain which of these components is the reason for the screen problem, you'll need to carry out a few, simple tests. Here, we show you how to test what is causing this specific problem. 


*Disclaimer: As with any repair you choose to undertake, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during the replacement/repair process. If you feel anxious or unsure about completing this repair yourself, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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