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How to Replace your Dell Inspiron 9400 Screen

Replacing a Dell Inspiron 9400 screen 

We understand how annoying it can be when you break your laptop screen. However, laptop screen replacement requires very little technical expertise. In fact, some of our customers have managed to replace their laptop screen in just half an hour. Below, you'll find step by step instructions, (as well as videos,) to help guide you through the Dell Inspiron 9400 screen replacement process.

How to replace the screen in a Dell Inspiron 9400 

Step one 

Before beginning your repair, unplug your laptop from the mains power and remove the battery. You should also make sure that you have disconnected any, (and all,) peripheral devices such as memory sticks and/or speakers. Once you are ready to begin, use a flat-edged implement, an opening tool or your fingers to prise the aesthetic covers, (used to disguise screws,) off of the front bezel. Once you have removed  the aesthetic covers and set them aside safely, remove each of the screws hidden underneath and, set them aside safely, also.

Step two 

Next, use a flat edged implement or your fingers to work the front bezel away from the screen casing. Work your way around each edge of the front bezel, easing it way from the damaged display. When you are sure that you have sufficiently loosened the front bezel, remove it from your laptop and set it aside safely. Once you have removed the front bezel and, set it aside safely, you should see the broken Dell Inspiron 9400 sitting in a metal holding frame. On either side of the exposed screen, you should see four screws holding the display in place. Remove each of these screws and, set them aside safely. Once you've done that, take hold of the top of the damaged display and, gently pull it towards you, laying it, face down, on the laptop keyboard. On the back of the screen, you should see a thick cable attached. Disconnect this cable, (peeling back any adhesive if necessary.) This cable is also attached to the inverter board at the bottom of the screen. Disconnect his cable from the inverter board, also. Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to remove the broken Dell Inspiron 9400 from your laptop. To fit your newly bought replacement Dell Inspiron 9400 screen, all you need to do is complete the above instructions in reverse. It's really that simple!

Replacement Dell Inspiron 9400 screens 

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*Disclaimer: As with any repair you choose to undertake, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during the replacement/repair process. If you feel anxious or unsure about completing this repair yourself, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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