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Tom Hanks Invents a Typewriter App

Turn your iPad into a typewriter 

Actor and writer Tom Hanks is famous for numerous cinematic achievements, but, his personal tastes are altogether more basic. Hanks is a huge fan of the typewriter. So much so, in fact, that he's helped design an app which will allow iPad owners to turn their device into an old fashioned typewriter, (complete with clicking keys!)

Hanx Writer: the typewriter app 

The details 

Multiple version of the Hanx writer are available. The Hanx Prime Select is a free version, whilst, for £1.99 each, iPad users can purcahse the Hanx 707 and the Hanx Golden Touch, (both of which allow access to a greater number of features.) 

Though a loving copy of an old fashioned typewriter, unlike the original models, the Hanx Writer app comes complee with a handy button that allows you to delete any, (and all,) mistakes with a simple click, rather than having to start every document anew. Phew! :)

The Hanx Writer app in action


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