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What’s the Difference Between Screens and Touchscreens?

LCD screens and touchscreens

In the past few years, hybrid laptops and tablets have become increasingly popular. What many people don’t realize is that there are two screens in these devices: the LCD screen, (which presents images,) and the touchscreen, (or digitizer,) which acts like a stylus, (and is placed over the LCD screen.) When looking for a replacement screen for a tablet or hybrid laptop then, you first need to ascertain which part of your device, (the LCD or the touchscreen,) is broken. 

The difference between LCD screens and touchscreens

The details

The screen in a tablet, (or hybrid laptop,) which sits underneath the touchscreen, (or digitizer,) is exactly the same as a normal laptop screen. Over this normal screen is placed a touchscreen, (a piece of glass with built in sensors.) The touchscreen works in the same way as any other input device, (such as a mouse or stylus,) allowing you to scroll, click and type using your fingers. A thin, plastic bezel is then used to keep the LCD screen, (and the touchscreen,) neatly in place.

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