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Make Way For Microsoft Edge

Get ready for Microsoft Edge 

As well as preparing for the official release of their new operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft have also designed a new web browser to replace Internet Explorer. Originally known as Spartan, Microsoft have finally settled on the name Microsoft Edge for their new browser. Below, we outline the key features of Microsoft Edge.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge logo

The Microsoft Edge logo resembles that used for Internet Explorer. The new logo is represented by a lowercase ā€œeā€ with a jagged finish. Rather than abandoning their old design altogether, Microsoft have given the old IE logo a fresh look, ensuring continued familiarity with the brand as a whole.

What can we expect from the Microsoft Edge browser?

Though Microsoft have kept key information on Microsoft Edge under wraps, there is some information available on what we can expect from the new browser. First impressions indicate that Microsoft Edge has been equipped with built-in sharing facilities and Cortana compatibility. In the last years of its life, Internet Explorer was ridden with bugs and was often painfully slow

In contrast, Microsoft Edge provides a quick and efficient browsing experience, drawing on an entirely new rendering engine. In terms of design, the Microsoft Edge browser has a clean and simple finish, in keeping with modern browsing needs.

When you open a new tab on Microsoft Edge an interactive page appears which incorporates top site links, applications and live app information. The new tab page on Microsoft Edge has also eliminated the address bar at the very top of the page, encouraging users to type search details or full URLs into a Google-esque search box.

Unlike the majority of competing browsers, Microsoft Edge allows users to annotate, highlight and select extracts and photos from webpages and send them to friends and family, a handy feature if you want to draw attention to a particular detail or image.

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