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How to Replace a Kindle Fire HD Screen

Can I replace my Kindle Fire HD Screen?

Though tablet screens can be slightly harder to reparable than ordinary laptop screens given the fact that touchscreen devices are often fused shut using strong adhesive, when armed with the correct tools and the proper information, you can successfully replace your broken display. Below, we do our very best to guide you through the Kindle Fire screen replacement process. 

Replacing a Kindle Fire HD screen 

Step one 

Use a tool with a flat edge, (either a professional opening tool, a debt card or a guitar plectrum,) to prise the Kindle Fire HD open. Starting at the headphone port, slowly work your way around each side of the tablet, easing it apart. Remember to take care when easing your tablet apart: if you apply too much pressure, you may inadvertently crack the plastics on the front, (or the back) of your device. 

Step two 

When you have sufficiently prised apart your Kindle, disconnect the lock key and lay your open tablet out on a flat surface. On each side of the open Kindle, you should see two thick, ribbon-like cables attached. Disconnect each of these cables in turn, taking care, to avoid damaging them in the process. 

Step three 

Once you've disconnected the cables lodged in the body of the Kindle, pull the right and the left-hand side of the tablet apart. Next, take the side of the Kindle which houses the broken screen and proceed to remove the damaged display, taking care if the damage to the glass is extensive. 

Step four 

Fit your newly bought replacement Kindle Fire HD screen by attaching it to the side of the tablet which housed the old display. To complete your repair, reassemble your tablet by completing the steps outlined above in reverse order. 

Replacement Kindle Fire HD screens 

*Disclaimer: As with any repair you choose to undertake, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during the replacement/repair process. If you feel anxious or unsure about completing this repair yourself, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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