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The New USB Type-C

The USB Type-C

This year sees the release of a new type of USB cable that will be infinitely easier to connect and use. We take a look at the USB Type-C

All about the USB Type-C cable

Improved connectivity 

The new USB Type-C cable has two identical ends which have been crafted to ensure connectivity whether you insert the cable upside down or the correct way up. In short, the USB Type-C cable has been designed to eliminate the frustration that occurs when you are in a hurry and you are desperately trying to connect a USB cable to your laptop or to your portable device. 

Added power 

As well as eliminating the age-old connectivity problems that we have come to associate with the USB cable, the USB Type-C is also much more efficient, allowing users to transfer data at a total speed of 10Gbps. This is a marked improvement on ordinary USB cables, which tend to transfer data at a rate of 5Gbps. 

Still in its infancy 

Though a clever invention that has successfully addressed a classic connectivity issue, the USB Type-C cable is obviously still in its infancy. Whilst a number of new Macbooks have been fitted with compatible ports, the majority of laptops on the market today still require the use of an old USB cable. In time, laptops will no doubt be designed and built to accommodate the USB Type-C.

More about the USB Type-C

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