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The Cost-Friendly Cloudbook

Acer announce new laptop plans 

Recently, Acer announced their plans to release a new range of laptops, called Cloudbooks, which will appeal to the cost conscious whilst running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10

The Cloudbook range 

Everything you need to know 

Acer's new Cloudbook range consists of the Cloudbook 11 and 14. Both machines are expected to come equipped with Office 365 though, to keep manufacture and retail costs to a minimum, Acer's Cloudbooks will not boast vast amounts of internal memory, relying instead, (like Google's Chromebooks,) on cloud-based storage services. Both Cloudbooks are fitted with Intel Celeron, (rather than Core i3, i5 or i7) processors and 1366x768 LED pixel screens. Markedly cheaper (and lighter) than the Cloudbook 14, the Cloudbook 11 comes with a compact 11.6 inch display.

Both Cloudbooks are expected to sport elegant, sleek designs which will make them easy to use whilst travelling. Further, Acer's new machines are fitted with a range of useful connections, from a HDMI port, (which allows the user to stream online content through their TV) to a high performance USB 3.0 port, which is designed to transfer data quickly and smoothly. 

Acer's range of Cloudbook laptops should be available for purchase in the last quarter of this year. Though it is difficult at present to accurately predict the cost of the machines in pounds, Acer's Cloudbooks are currently expected to set the buyer back between £189 and £211.

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