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3D Printing: The Top 5 Creations of 2015

We take a look at the best 3D creations of 2015 

Though 3D printers in one shape or another have been on the market for some time, people have continued to create ingenious and groundbreaking inventions. Below, we take time to look at (and admire) the top 5 3D printing projects of 2015.

The 5 best 3D creations of 2015 

1. 3D printed houses 

Unbelievably, a  company in China called Winsun have used giant 3D printers to construct two houses, one a multistory property, the other a sprawling villa. The printers used by Winsun are capable of fusing all of the essential building materials together, so that they can be printed in strong, individual, compact blocks. After the success of their first two projects, Winsun have decided to specialize in the construction of 3D printed buildings. 

The multistory 3D house printed by Winsun 

The 3D villa constructed by Winsun