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Apple Unveil the iPad Pro

Apple release the iPad Pro 

Having produced a range of modes in the iPad range, Apple have recently announced their plans to release their largest tablet to date, the iPad Pro. Below, we take a look at Apple's latest offering. 

The iPad Pro 

An in-depth look 

On the 9th September, Apple launched the iPhone 6s and unveiled their  latest tablet project, the iPad Pro. In terms of its overall design, the iPad Pro is similar to the iPad Air 2. That being said, the iPad Pro comes equipped with a number of features not found in previous iPad models. For example, the iPad Pro is equipped with a total of four speakers, (two on each side of the machine,) which serve to balance the outputted sound. 

  • The iPad Pro comes equipped with an unusually large 12.9 inch screen. Though not as portable as previous iPad models, the screen on the iPad Pro is ideal for individuals who use their tablet to watch high quality videos and films. As well as being a substantial size, the screen fitted into the iPad Pro boasts a generous 2732x2048 resolution. 

  • The iPad Pro has been fitted with an A9X processor chip, making it more than capable of handling complex and demanding operations. Apple boast that the processor chip fitted in the iPad Pro makes the tablet more than capable of competing with the vast number of portable computers on the market today. 
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  • Apple have stated that they expect the battery built into the iPad Pro to last for approximately 10 hours, (per charge.) The machine is also thought to come equipped with internal, energy-saving mechanisms. 

  • Though equipped with a large screen, Apple's latest iPad weighs a conservative 710g. Though not the lightest of devices on the market today, the iPad Pro expertly marries portability and high-end specifications. 
  • The iPad Pro is expected to be available for purchase in the closing weeks of November. At present, Apple have only released the cost of the various  iPad Pro models in US dollars. Depending on the available internal storage space, iPad Pro models range in price from $799 to $1079. Apple are expected to release further information on the equivalent cost of each device in UK pounds shortly. 

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