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A Tablet With the Power of Projection

Lenovo's Yoga Tab 3 Pro 

Having designed a variety of aesthetically appealing tablets in the previous years, Lenovo recently announced the release of the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro which is capable of projecting images and videos onto ceilings and walls. 

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro  

A Lenovo tablet capable of projection 

  • Attached to the spine of Lenovo's latest tablet, the Yoga 3 Pro, is a small projector will can be manipulated by hand and and which is capable of throwing images and videos at a total size of approximately 177 centimeters. Lenovo's addition of a projector to their popular range of tablets is ideal for individuals who use their tablet, primarily, to stream on-demand films, videos and TV shows. To allow you to project your favourite shows on a variety of surfaces, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro is equipped with a helpful stand which is capable of altering the angle of the built-in projector

  • To add to the overall theatrical effect, the Tab 3 Pro is fitted with high quality, powerful speakers which are more than capable of filling a small room. The Tab 3 Pro also boasts built in systems which are capable of replicating natural sounds accurately, lending immediacy and realism to film and television programmes. 
  • The Yoga Tab 3 Pro has been designed for ease of use and, as such, it is lightweight and streamlined. For those who do not wish to take advantage of the built in projector, this tablet comes equipped with a high quality, 10.1 inch 25600x1600 screen, which is capable of presenting photos and videos in vivid detail. 
  • The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is expected to be available for purchase in the United States in November of this year. Lenovo are yet to announce the UK release date for this particular tablet

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