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Microsoft Set to Release the Surface Pro 4?

Microsoft due to unveil the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? 

A number of commentators expect Microsoft to release new details about their latest laptop/tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro 4, at a company event on the 6th October. The Surface Pro 4 represents a long-awaited edition to Microsoft's Surface range. Below, we take a look at what we can expect from Microsoft's latest machine. 

The Surface Pro 4 

The details 

  • Commentators expect the Microsoft Surface Pro to be released, (and, perhaps, available for purchase,) in October of this year. Microsoft's new machine is expected to set buyers back between £575 and £1300, depending on the size of the internal memory and the speed of the processor. 
  • Though such claims are speculative, a number of experts expect Microsoft to release two Surface Pro 4 models, one with a 12 inch display and one with a 14 inch panel. 
  • The Surface Pro 4 is expected to come fitted with either a Core M or a Core i5 or i7 processor. 
  • Commentators anticipate that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come, pre-installed, with Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system which comes complete with new apps, a refreshed Start button and, a new browser, namely, Microsoft Edge.  
  • Analysts assume that a range of internal memory storage space options, (from 64 to 500GB,) will be available, when the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is ready for purchase. 
  • Some experts expect the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to be compatible with a range of new tools that will allow the user to interact, in a more sophisticated way, with the machine's touchscreen. 

What can we expect from the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? 

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