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The Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon release the Fire HD 8 

Designed to appeal to the whole family, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is an affordable machine which is automatically linked to Prime, making it easy for users to access their favourite films, TV shows and playlists. At around £130, the Fire HD 8 is cheaper than a number of high-end tablets on the market today, however, if you're looking to bag a better bargain you might be more interested in Amazon's plans to release a £50 device

The Fire HD 8 

All you need to know 

  • A lightweight device that weighes a mere 311 grams, the Fire HD 8 is extremely portable, making it easy to access your favourite programmes on the move. In terms of weight, the Fire HD 8 compares favourably both to the Galaxy Tab A, (which weighes 313 grams) and to the Lenovo Tab 2, (which weighes 360g.) 
  • For fans of device personalisation, the Fire HD 8 is available in four colours: blue, orange, black and magenta. Though available in a range of striking colours, the Fire 8 has not been built with the strongest materials: in a bid to keep the overall price of the tablet to a minimum, Amazon have used low quality, (yet sturdy,) materials.
  • Like the latest £50 Fire tablet, (available for pre-order on the Amazon website,) the Fire HD 8 runs on the latest Android operating system, Fire OS 5 Bellini
  • Built specifically by Amazon to take advantage of their film and video streaming services, the Fire HD 8 is the ideal device for individuals who either frequently purchase content from Amazon or, who are members of Amazon Prime. If you are a fan of Amazon's on-demand streaming services and you are looking for an entertainment-orientated tablet, the Fire HD 8 may be the device that's right for you.